Month: November 2016

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Field Trip to Carter Mountain Orchard

Field Trip to Carter Mountain Orchard

On Friday Claire attended her first field trip. Her class headed up to Carter Mountain Orchard for some apple-picking fun. Julia and I joined them, and Julia was so excited to see her big sister. There were a lot of kids there; I guess its a popular day for field trips. We saw buses not just from Charlottesville and Albemarle County, but also Fluvanna, Louisa and even Goochland.

Claire picked out her cute little flannel and fall-colored corker bows to wear. I loved how cute she was! It was Julia’s first visit to Carter Mountain where she could enjoy the cider and donuts. Little pumpkin was a wee babe when we went last year

1. This year she seemed to be making up for lost time because she guzzled her cider and scarfed down her donut, plus half of Claire’s. Other children in the class, who were quite taken with their little visitor, offered her pieces of their donuts. I had to physically remove her from their presence so she’d stop gobbling them down. I get it, kid; those donuts are ambrosia. But they’re also deep fat fried and coated in sugar, so let’s give your infant arteries a rest.

The kids got to attend “apple school” where they learned about apple trees through the seasons and the harvesting of apples. Afterward, they were each given a bag and got to pick their very own apples. The kids had a great time; even Julia got in on the apple-picking action. I hadn’t realized Carter Mountain had done away with the wagons, so I ended up hauling Julia – who has gotten pretty heavy I realized – up and down the mountain. It’s okay; I needed to burn that donut off. It was a great way to spend the midmorning, and I know Julia was delighted to spend time with her big sister during school hours. We’re going to Carter Mountain this weekend for our 5th annual apple picking excursion. So excited!…