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Wedding Reception Guest Favors

Wedding Reception Guest Favors

The possibilities are really very large when selecting inexpensive and low price wedding guest reception favors.

Let’s face it; a wedding can cost a lot of hard earned cash. We all want ways of making the wedding very special but at the same time, not robbing the bank. After all, these days money is hard to earn and it is very easy to spend.

The best way to save cash is to purchase your wedding reception favors supplies in bulk or wholesale. Another idea is to consider making them yourself.

Try a Goggle search for wedding favors and you will be surprised that good wholesale wedding reception favors cost anywhere from $1-$6. So buying wholesale favors you still could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Why not think about making your wedding favors. This is the best way to save heaps of money. I is fun making favors and also you can be very creative when making them. One can really personalize the favors and people will always remember your wedding.

Let’s look at what sort of favors could be made cheaply. How about an edible favor? It is very easy to be very creative when it comes to edible wedding favors. Think what you could do with chocolate, candies, spices and cookies.

The uses of molds, which can be found at cookery stores, make the favor professional. Chocolate that will melt right away is easy to work with. By using different colored white chocolate you can be creative. You can make chocolate suckers, candies and spoons.

There are has endless possibilities with cookies. You can make wedding cookies that look like a wedding cake. One can use your name and wedding date or what is popular is to use gingerbread bride and grooms. Fall wedding suggest gingerbread cookies for that romantic touch.

One tip is to use a cheap cookie cutter and make a bride or the groom. When it comes to keepsakes you can always go to your craft store for what ideas they have. You can purchase cheep trinket boxes that would look great with a bow. Using almonds which is a very traditional wedding reception favors.

To generate new ideas just go on-line. You can always get wholesale bulk candies like Jordan Almonds and then decorate. This way you can have a wedding favor that is very quick and easy to make and it’ll save a lot of dollars.

Making wedding reception favors in large numbers can take ages. How about asking a group of family members to help? Using an assembly line can save time. Like one person takes the candies, the next person ties the tulle, the next person ties the ribbon, and the last person curls the ribbon so it looks pretty.

200 favors should only take a few hours. Depending on how many you have to make, you may want to have two teams competing. One the bride’s and one the groom’s. Lets have a race. Making cheap wholesale wedding reception …