Month: March 2015

Anything Charlottesville

In my Tote

In my Tote

Hygiene Bag

A medium sized bag packed with travel-size toiletries. I was given the Philosophy welcome baby gift set and it was great! Don’t forget your toothbrush/toothpaste and deodorant!

Makeup Bag

In a small bag I brought some essential makeup items – BB cream, mascara, lip balm, blush, and roll-on perfume. Makeup may be the last thing from your mind during labor, but afterwards it’s the little things that help make you feel human again.

Things to Wear Under My Gown

A nursing sleep bra is a must even if you don’t intend to nurse; they’re very comfortable and supportive without being restrictive, and your breasts are going to need that. For the first day or so afterwards you’ll probably be wearing those mesh disposable undies that are capable of holding the gigantic pads and ice packs and other glorious things that nurture your ladybits in place, but personally I like to get back into cotton underwear at least a day before heading home. Go full coverage here and opt for a pack of inexpensive ones you won’t mind tossing afterwards. Slippers are great to have to keep your feet warm and to slip on if you want to go for a walk around the halls.

Things to Wear Home

I’m sure some women are back into their pre-maternity jeans right after delivery, but I’m also pretty sure that unicorns exist somewhere2. I packed a loose tee, nursing bra, maxi skirt, and flats. Flowing, comfortable and nothing to pinch or squeeze my puffy post-baby body.


Make sure you have your wallet with your photo ID, insurance cards, and any other pertinent information.


I’ve never gone into spontaneous labor, but I can tell you when it comes to inductions there’s a lot of hurry up and wait. If you’re delivering at a hospital that doesn’t have wireless fetal monitoring (which is the best thing ever and really all hospitals should have it) you could be stuck laying in a hospital bed for hours. Your laptop, tablet or e-reader can save your sanity while you wait for the action to start. Your phone is good to have on hand to keep up with friends and relatives and to make calls and send pictures once your baby has arrived. Don’t forget chargers for all of your electronics and extra SD cards, just in case.
Really all dad needs is an overnight bag. Some changes of clothes, pyjamas, slippers and his hygiene products. Andrew brought his laptop, phone and camera to keep everyone updated and take pictures. Dad will also need his wallet with his photo ID, and it helps to have some bills and change for the vending machines.

The hospital provides a lot of these things (more on that in a moment), but I brought them along because I prefer certain products and to use when we were headed home.


You’ll most likely have dozens of those pink-and-blue striped blankets in your hospital room, but I personally …